Darwine 1.0-2 with OpenGL

June 19th, 2008 by


For Tiger and Leopard

I know, this is kind of a fast update, but sometimes knots just open. It’s still Darwine 1.0, but I changed some things behind the scene:
– added the remaining dependencies (libusb/libgphoto2/libsane/liblcms/)
– tuned the startupscript (fallback for libraries)
– fixed a bug in Darwine script (libraries symlinks)
– diffed 4mb of changes between crossover 7.0 against wine 1.0 to find some OpenGL hints



Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Yes, OpenGL works under OS X 10.5.3 with the latest xquartz (2.2.3) installed.

Make sure to start programs with winefile.exe from the Sample-apps in the Darwine folder.

Other side-effects:
– correctly drawn transparent icons
– still got some troubles with windows that creep down
– still not all OpenGL programs do work
no OpenGL for Tiger

Includes TRiX 0.9.5, which is a OS X frontend to Dan Kegels winetricks, to install some essential fonts, libraries or runtimes.

Darwine built against

Txs to Max Stirlitz & Mark Satterthwaite for the help with PATHs and OpenGL.
Happy testing!


30 Responses to “Darwine 1.0-2 with OpenGL”

  1. could you detail what is neccasary to build wine with *working* opengl support and exactly what version of X11/Xquartz is neccesary?

    2.2.0 is included with Mac OS X 10.5.3,
    2.2.3 and
    2.3.0rc1 are available from http://xquartz.macosforge.org/

    you can get bonus points by appending the information to the relevant wine bug:

    thanks, julian

    Comment by julian — June 19, 2008 @ 00:44

  2. Spiffy install diagram. It is an improvement that many programs for the Mac could use (like the folks at OpenOffice.org for the 3.0 release.)
    Thank you for the update. Now to ‘beat it up’.


    Comment by James M., Tuscon, Arizona — June 19, 2008 @ 05:09

  3. @julian

    I built it on Tiger with stock X11 (custom XQuartz is not needed here).
    You need basically to put X11 includes and libs into environment.
    I made a first patch from my insights into the crossover changes to handle some anyoances on my MBA, which has no NVidia or ATI. There is more that could be done.

    To run You need XQuartz 2.2.3 or greater, stock 10.5.3 does not work.

    I’ll up my build environment (scripts, patches and files) later today (got to clean it up for leopard first). Hope we can eliminate some more caveats.

    If somebody is interested in the diff (crossover 7.0 looks like rc4), I can up that, too.

    OOO3 is a daily pitstop for me 🙂

    Comment by mike — June 19, 2008 @ 08:54

  4. *argh* Age of Empires II still not working (doesn’t want Direct3D or OpenGL).

    fontforge 20080607, FreeType 2.3.6 and fontconfig 2.6.0 released…

    Comment by Raymond — June 19, 2008 @ 09:45

  5. Freetype 2.3.6:


    “- Improved Mac support.”

    Hopefully 😉

    Comment by Raymond — June 19, 2008 @ 10:10

  6. Hi,

    Thanks first…

    I think i done something wrong…. Yesterday I download the 1,0… everything was ok… I use trik also… Since I have a user and a admin install… I whant to clean up and only work in my user space…

    So I remove .wine and theorg.wine.winehelper.plist you point to in the 2 spaces. I install the 1,0,2 you put today. But… not working anymore… find that it need (if I understand correctly 2,2,3 of x11 so I install it but… also still not working)

    When I try to open the clock test… I receive this in the log…

    /Users/pvmstg/Programmes usager/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/wine: line 5: test: /Users/pvmstg/Programmes: unary operator expected
    /Users/pvmstg/Programmes usager/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/wine: line 24: /Users/pvmstg/Programmes usager/Darwine/WineHelper.app/Contents/Resources/mwine: No such file or directory
    /Users/pvmstg/Programmes usager/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/wine: line 24: exec: /Users/pvmstg/Programmes usager/Darwine/WineHelper.app/Contents/Resources/mwine: cannot execute: No such file or directory

    Maybe I have something wrong done in a point… not remove a file or….

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 13:39

  7. there is a little problem with spaces in names, which I need to correct…
    You use “/Users/pvmstg/Programmes usager/”

    try to move it to:

    or something without space

    Comment by mike — June 19, 2008 @ 13:46

  8. […] Darwine 1.0-2 with OpenGL | mikesMassiveMessってことで怒濤のアップデートですね。 I know, this is kind of a fast update, but […]

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  9. Yé… thanks…

    I remove the space and now it’s work….

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 14:29

  10. Oups… to soon.. Darwine work but.. now… when trying TriX… I got and error message
    Terminal got an error: AppleEvent handler failed. (-10000)

    I move darwine and triX on the user appli folder and have the same result… Do TriX need to be in admin space to work?

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 14:47

  11. @marcel

    no TRiX can be run anywhere.
    What option did you try to install? Maybe I’ve bug with this option?


    Comment by mike — June 19, 2008 @ 14:50

  12. Find also that ie4osX like TriX can’t find darwine Unsupported file extension on file: /Users/pvmstg/Programmes_usager/programmes_pc/ies4osx.app

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 14:54

  13. I hve use triX without problem anywhere yesterday with the 1,0 but now.. not working with this new version…

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 14:56

  14. Darwine must be in /Applications or ~/Applications… else it won’t be found.

    Comment by mike — June 19, 2008 @ 15:17

  15. ok… I remove again .wine and org.wine.winehelper.plist, move darwine folder to user application move trix also in user application even in darwine folder but… always the same …. can’t find Darwine… I will try a restart in case in case something wasn’t reset at the darwine displacement.

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 15:38

  16. Hi Mike…

    Sorry, even after restart… can’t find Darwine still there for triX and ies4osX. Maybe, like some time ago… it can’t look at the user space application folder.

    But.. Darwine itself work fine… I can start my test program directly…. scale_buddy ad windbf32 (after putting the wright dll).

    Comment by marcel — June 19, 2008 @ 15:48

  17. So here comes the current build environment.


    It’s a heft 20+mb because dmg other files are included.
    I was able to test it on Tiger and Leopard today.
    Improvements are very welcome.
    Just so you know: no iPhone SDK was able to build it atm. So either XCode 2.x or 3.0.


    Comment by mike — June 19, 2008 @ 18:40

  18. So,

    Do you have a way to let TRiX and ies4osX find the Darwine in user space application folder?… I try many time and always can’t find Darwine who is in the same user application folder.

    Like told before… my tests programs works perfectly and they find darwine but not trix.. nor ies4osX since the last update of Darwine….

    Comment by marcel — June 20, 2008 @ 12:56

  19. Hi marcel,

    I have Darwine in my userspace Applications folder, and it works OK.

    Make sure the userspace Applications folder is named ~/Applications (i.e. /Users/whoever/Applications) (using the terminal) OS X should translate it to the correct language and give it the correct icon in the finder afterwards, but internally the path is retained as Applications.

    And make sure there are no spaces inside the path…

    lots of *nix programs rely on ~/Applications and no spaces in paths, as escaping paths is not always possible.


    Comment by mike — June 20, 2008 @ 20:43

  20. Maybe something wrong… here the exact path where I finaly put it. Before running it again, I remove the 2 file .wine and theorg.wine.winehelper.plist so maybe and other file make trouble…

    for triX and ie4osX I also put them in /Users/pvmstg/Applications/

    What I find bizare is that with the 1,0 all was fine… just after I remove all 1,0 file from admin and user space and make a clean install in user space of the 1,0-2 that triX and ie4osX stop working…

    Comment by marcel — June 20, 2008 @ 20:59

  21. This isn’t entirely accurate, but there seems to be some sort of “click to focus” problem that hasn’t been present in other builds.

    For example, in photoshop 6, when you try to enter something into a dialog box, clicking on the window causes it to shift down. As a result, when you try to hit okay or cancel, you end up chasing the dialog box down the screen

    Not all programs have this problem. Kompozer seems to be fine.

    (As to “why not use the Mac versions”, why let a copy of PS go to waste? 6.0 does more than what I need. And and the Mac version of Kompozer is PPC only. The windows version under wine runs much better and crashes less :-).

    Comment by jtn — June 21, 2008 @ 22:01

  22. Hi,

    I have remove Darwine from the user appli folder, remove trix and ie4osx… Download again… place them in user appli… but… always the same.

    Darwine work ok, sample or my tests programs work… but trix and ie4osX can’t find the Darwine place in user appli folder… If we can… like in other’s script… tell the program where to find darwine folder….

    Comment by marcel — June 25, 2008 @ 13:06

  23. Hi,

    I came across your Darwine builds because your page was linked in a french forum post that was about a problem I was having with the wine build from macports. First of all, thanks for the work you’re putting into this.
    What I was trying to do with wine was to install MS Office 2007 on my Leopard 10.5.3 with Xquartz 2.2.3 and I am flooded with

    fixme:xrender:X11DRV_AlphaBlend Unable to AlphaBlend without Xrender

    errors when the progress bar of the installation gets displayed which actually makes the installation hang at this point.

    Unfortunately when using the DarwineHelper the Wine log window shows this

    Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.
    Make sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.
    Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.
    Make sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.
    err:ole:apartment_createwindowifneeded CreateWindow failed with error 1114

    for any app I try to run. If I try to start something with the wine executable from the Wine.bundle directly it works but for the Office installtion I get the same error as with the macports build. Any help would be appreciated.


    Comment by juergen — June 25, 2008 @ 23:21

  24. I am also experiencing the window-jumping problem, In virtually all applications — It’s strange.

    Comment by Ausrin — August 29, 2008 @ 06:59

  25. Hi, I’m getting the same problem Marcel is getting. I downloaded DarwinPorts 1.6 and opened it up. There is MacPorts-1.6.0.pkg and I install it. Then I tried to look for updates by typing sudo port -d selfupdate in bash. It wouldn’t work, so I immediately type

    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin
    export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/opt/local/share/man
    export INFOPATH=$INFOPATH:/opt/local/share/info

    without going to .bash_profile. That was a mistake that hopefully did not affect anything. I go to the .bash_profile by typing vi .bash_profile and pressing o and copying and pasting the above lines in. I hit Esc and hold shift and type zz. I then went to your website to get TRiX 0.9.5 and the problem begins when I hit the Install button. I get the error message:

    Terminal got an error: AppleEvent handler failed. (-10000)

    Please help. I have a Mac OS X 10.5.4.

    Comment by Brian — September 11, 2008 @ 08:56

  26. For me quitting terminal before running Trix prevented the error:
    “Terminal got an error: AppleEvent handler failed. (-10000)”

    Hope this helps the others.

    Comment by Brian — January 29, 2009 @ 05:34

  27. Oh!

    (Many years later…)

    I’m here because I did a google search for the “Apple Script” error cited above.

    As far as I understand, the solution was not mentioned above, so I’ll explain it here.

    Ensure that all open system terminal windows are closed before running TRiX OR that terminal is simply not running / quit.

    If anything, this hint will find its way to the next user with the same problem.

    (I gather that the applescript backend makes the assumption that terminal window 1 is either not-running or is running only the shell.)

    TRiX is an excellent idea.

    Can’t wait for the next darwine update.


    Comment by Eddie — January 31, 2009 @ 17:14

  28. Brian,

    I was getting the same Terminal error but fixed it by going to “Applications” -> right click TRiX and select “Show Package Contents”. From here go “Contents” -> “MacOS” -> and double click TRiX. This should launch TRiX w/ a Terminal window.

    After doing that I closed out of TRiX and the normal application started working.

    Comment by Derek W — February 3, 2009 @ 18:27

  29. Hi,

    I’ve successfully run the notepad application with osx 10.5.7, x11 2.3.3 and darwine 1.0.1 but when I tried to install DirectX 9 from trix it says this:

    “Current logon user doesn’t have Adminastrator priviledge. Please logon again as an Adminstrator or contact your PC Adminastrator.”

    Have you got this ever?
    How can I solve it?

    Many thanks for your effort in your builds. =)

    Comment by Sebastian L — May 28, 2009 @ 16:04

  30. Sorry, removing wine’s personal folder fix it. =)

    Comment by Sebastian L — May 28, 2009 @ 17:17