Darwine 1.0-2 with OpenGL

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For Tiger and Leopard

I know, this is kind of a fast update, but sometimes knots just open. It's still Darwine 1.0, but I changed some things behind the scene:
- added the remaining dependencies (libusb/libgphoto2/libsane/liblcms/)
- tuned the startupscript (fallback for libraries)
- fixed a bug in Darwine script (libraries symlinks)
- diffed 4mb of changes between crossover 7.0 against wine 1.0 to find some OpenGL hints



Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Yes, OpenGL works under OS X 10.5.3 with the latest xquartz (2.2.3) installed.

Make sure to start programs with winefile.exe from the Sample-apps in the Darwine folder.

Other side-effects:
- correctly drawn transparent icons
- still got some troubles with windows that creep down
- still not all OpenGL programs do work
- no OpenGL for Tiger

Includes TRiX 0.9.5, which is a OS X frontend to Dan Kegels winetricks, to install some essential fonts, libraries or runtimes.

Darwine built against

Txs to Max Stirlitz & Mark Satterthwaite for the help with PATHs and OpenGL.
Happy testing!