Darwine 1.1.5 [update]

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If you want a stable release, please stay with 1.0.

This release comes with:

  • fixes for the wandering window bug. Credits fly to Andrey!
  • fix for 100% CPU Bug in Internet Explorer 6.0
  • new TRiX (fixed cabextract, smaller window 😉 )

I'm still looking for a fix for the printing issue without breaking the monolithic Tiger/Leopard build. (i.e. conditional lib paths on Leopard)


For Intel Macs with Tiger or Leopard

comes with all needed libraries, bins and TRiX



If you like to stay informed on upcoming things, checkout this.

Dirk just sent me a mail, pointing out that with Leopard 10.5.5 OpenGL is working out of the box! So You don't need to install the custom XQuartz anymore for OpenGL.