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We're getting closer to a new stable. Lot's of Bugfixes and a conversion tool to update the old guests.

Another tool, that I like to point out is the new translation update tool "localizationStringsUpdate". It's a small command line app, to merge ".strings" that you extract from nibs. In Q we are working with "generic" nibs. I.e. we do not keep nibs for every language, but we dublicate the generic nibs and inject the translated strings at build time. So we are not hindered by translation, if we do changes to the layout, or add new items. So what does this thingy do? It takes a base translation file and the existing ".strings" and fills in the known transaltions to the basefile. Checking is done by the "oid". Then it drops the new file.

Synopsis: ./localizationStringsUpdate BaseFile OldTranslation OutputFile

Finally, grab the new Q at http://www.kju-app.org.