TRiX an OS X winetricks frontend [update 2]

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TRiX is a simple frontend to Dan Kegels winetricks for wine/Darwine. Winetricks is:

Quick and dirty script to download and install various redistributable runtime libraries

So it should help to download and install certain fonts and libraries that are needed by some windows programs to run under wine.

I'd like to point a finger at the font downloads. Loads of applications on windows (an therefore wine) depend on the corefonts. These fonts are not part of wine and can't be packed together with wine because of different licenses. So if You had apps, showing only symbols and garbage, this is for You 🙂 .

Wintricks offers to install some other notable libraries and Runtimes like

  • Visual Basic runtiems
  • C++ runtimes
  • xvid, intel and ffdshow codecs for audio and video en/decoding
  • .NET 1.1/2.0 and mono 1.1/1.9

TRiX comes with cabextract and wget binaries, so it should work out of the box. It will download the current version of winetricks and install the selected items.

download TRiX

as always, enjoy

[update 1]
0.9.1 Built wget with --disable-nls (native language support) to get rid of the libintl dependency.

[update 2]
0.9.2 Built with sha1sum, as winetrix mac workaround is still not working and sha1sum is used now.