wine and corefonts

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It looks like a lot can be mended by installing good fonts. This was a topic in the "Wine Weekly Newsletters 332", too.

Here is a simple script and howto I made, to download and install the original Microsoft Corefonts for wine, as winetricks are not working on OS X. It makes use of cabextract 1.2, of which I supply a binary.
get the needed files here.

From the README:

1. extract
2. open applications/utilities/
3. cd to the folder "corefonts" (for non cmdline savvies: type "cd", drag the folder "corefonts" into the terminal window, hit return)
4. type "./" (this will download(8mb), extract and install the corefonts to your wine installation)

- maybe you have to make "" executable by typing "chmod u+x"
- restart wine, to make the fonts visible