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Dingle Peninsula IrelandJust back from a wonderful trip to Ireland. We rented a car and made a round trip.

I specially enjoyed walking in the Wicklow Mountains, but my personal favorite was the Dingle peninsula. For unmatched dramatic scenery and loads of fun in a live session from "Dreams Of Freedom" at the local Murphy's Pub.

Dreams Of Freedom a combo with "not so politically correct" repertoire/lirics but I guess that is part of the magic that make their music just rip you along. I really miss Saturday and Sunday in "Seven Drunken Nights" as well as "The Rooster" on their live CD ;).

Xcode RL

hammer and chisel Exchanged Xcode for a real hammer and chisel... to build a new sandstone wall. Very entertaining and satisfying work, dough no distributed building - but a lots of blisters.

Hope the wall 1.0 is going to last for some time and is compatible with garden 0.6 - I know, garden is still alpha - and is probably gonna change again.

Update: I just saw that wall 1.0 has a lot of bugs inside... but for once I'm happy 'bout the critters.



RampfiWeather was absolute fantastic, so we installed our new "geek" lawn mover 8). Maybe I should add a "mowcam"? :).