Coffee Cups

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Ristretto Cup

Jay, the Ristretto and Coffee cups my GF ordered me for my BD have finally arrived.
They are handcrafted to our wishes by Fred Braun.
Fred Braun is a gifted potter, who – beside the traditional work – is quite famous for his unique gold and platinum plated colorful pottery. Stock or built to order. If You happen to be close to Berneck Switzerland, be sure to checkout his place. It should be fairly simple to distinguish, if you drive by his garden 🙂 .

Every trade should invest in the tools they get the best leverage from 😉

Updates & Twitter

Just a small hint on what I do, and why there are not to much updates to this blog...

I usually post, if I have something to offer, except on my "small sources of joy" – and by offering I don't think on "offering apologies on why there are no updates today" 🙂 . I use most of my time to propel my projects, writing the blog-entry is to dot the i.

I hear you, I read all your comments (as I have to allow them to the board), I read all the emails – but I can only answer that much. I really hear you.

But if you want to
- feel the pulse
- know where I run into building problems with latest darwine
- what features rpncalc is receiving this instant
- see if i find a fix to the prefix problem in ies4osx

...have a look at twitter or even follow me – as I often drop a line when I hit my head.

M Budget Chips

M Budget ChipsAlso das geht ja wohl nicht... haben Sie meine Lieblingschips einfach abgeschafft!
Es ist wieder einmal höchste Zeit um urschweizerische demokratische Mittel in die Hand zu nehmen und diese Missstände zu bekämpfen!

Schnell eine Petition unter starten...
...und da wären wir: für alle Verfechter der original Migros Budget Chips!
sign here!

...oder ich stelle die Builds von Kju, ies4osx, darwine, rhetoris, rpn Calculator, kbergcms, plc, qmp, hl2hm, TRiX, xorandor, ihamach ein ;)...
...ohne Mampf kein Kampf!

Spread the word!


For our English speaking friends, just a rant about discontinuing my favorite brand of chips. But that should not stop you from signing this petition to bring them back 🙂

Ski instructor for a week!

Ski Group MikeAhh...
After a week of exhibition finally some snow.
We had pretty good conditions... it nearly made up the fact I had to take a sky group instead of a snowboard group. But my old ski boots needed a ride anyway 🙂 .


Dog Day