Wine 1.2.1

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Quick update:

First, Thank you very much for all the feedback, books and donations lately. I'm in the process of answering as many mails as time allows. For the books: Amazone does not give out the donators name, so forgive me, if I'm not able to thank you personally... I really appreciate it and I enjoy the reading - NO, this does not take away time from WineBottler 😉 .

Second, compiled Wine 1.2.1, you can find it here:

Third: WineBottler 1.2 and Wine 1.3.x builds are on hold until November. A big project of a customer hits a major milestone on October 27th. (That's the WorldDidact in Basel, Switzerland, if you happen to be close, meet us at the Ingold/profax booth 😉 ).


Finally: still causing trouble...
Adobe is updating flash at an increased rate. This leads to a lot of sha1 mismatches, as the winetricks team is always some hours behind an update. So your installation of ie6 or steam might fail because of that. I will remove Flash from the default installation in WineBottler 1.2. You'll be able to install it with WineTricks if needed.