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This one was due for some time!

But I simply was not finding a showstopping bug, when run outside XCode.
So for the afterworld: If you happen to pipe output from a script started with NSTask, "ps" will act as "ps A" if run inside XCode and as "ps" if run in liberty (i.e. You'll see all processes in XCode, but not if released).

What's new?

  • New launcher for Internet Explorer. Much lighter and it will terminate all instances of wine and wineserver (read all Windows Programs) before lauching a new copy of Internet Explorer. This is mainly to get rid of hanging internet Explorers.
  • Error checking and progressmeter for downloads. This is a try to prevent incomplete installations. Unfortunately, the MS server for the ActiveX controls will still turn you down, half of the times, but at least you know it, now.

Best run with a new copy of Darwine-1.0rc2! 😉

You find ies4osx here: