RPN Calculator (iPod Touch & iPhone)

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HP 32SII RPN SCIENTIFICI hope You enjoyed Christmas eve as I did. I somehow managed to get around all the hassle and lay hands on a iTouch 🙂 - What a gadget!

As I'm a big fan of RPN, You can imagine that I was not exactly happy with the integrated calculator. So I started to code a webapp-replica of the HP 32S II. Having me served well over nearly two decades, the 32S II is still a trusted companion of mine.

Basic functionality is now finished, but it still lacks key features like menus, programming and equitation solving :). I think my old HP will remain on my desk for some more years.

If You want to give it a swirl (iPhone, iTouch or Safari 3.0 needed): www.kronenberg.org/rpn
for iPhone/iTouch users, You might like this shorter domain alias: www.kberg.ch/rpn 🙂

Link to Original HP Page. - enjoy! Mike