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A small update for this weekend. It is only served over the autoupdate feature of WineBottler. For the impatient: Open Preferences->Updates->Check for Updates... 😀

Main changes

  • ie6/7/8 winetricks WinXP should be winxp
  • Support for command line arguments
  • Add program version

for full changelog.

There is some initial work done with proxies. You might try it. Start in the preferences by entering your data.
I've also tested a hidden X11 setup. The only problem with hiding X11 is, you can't bring the windows to front by cmd-tab or activating the wrapper app... ideas are welcome... and don't alter your Info.plist... you're altering a CodeSigned package 🙂 on SnowLeopard with all the trouble it brings.

Wiki and Ticket creation should now be enabled for registered users. Let's see if this is worth it or if I've to limit access again :D.

What's down the pipeline?

  • bugfixing
  • proxies
  • howtos & wiki
  • new predefined apps... suggestions are welcome

Head down to WineBottler's new page at
grab a build - update it - and then happy testing 😀

Txs to for providing me another strong mirror! Hope this will keep further 403 because of bandwidth exceedances away.