WineBottler 1.1.34 [updated]

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This build brings loads of bug-fixes and some small improvements... aswell as the latest and greatest from
Or You can update directly over and (remember to update both, as they can't yet cross-update).

Noteworthy changes, that I would be happy, if people could test them out:

  • Print support is working again. Wine should automatically recognize your CUPS printers.
  • The predefined/custom apps should work on non-english systems. Tested on German and French systems.
  • Added a small dialog when you double-click a windows file. Maybe add some warnings here?
  • There is a "startwine" script inside the package (inside the MacOS folder), which can be used to run wine from the command-line. It will handle X11 and all the paths. Use it like this: "./startwine some.exe /arguments"
  • I'm still looking for a proxy to test proxy support :D.
  • You can open all files with native OS X apps out of Total Commander. All credits go to Dominik R. Txs!

Find the changelog here.

Happy testing!