Darwine 0.9.49 with freetype 2.3.5 [updated 2]

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This is a first shot at building darwine for Leopard with included freetype for antialiased fonts. It's built against X11 4.2 in the hope to have a result that runs on Tiger and Leopard. But as I don't have a spare external HD to install Tiger, I can not test it atm.

Why did it take so long?

  • I was in good hope to get OpenGL running by now... but it's still broken on X11 7.2. So I decided to go for a version that runs on 10.4 and 10.5.
  • WineHelper and distrib needed some patching to build on Leopard (patch submitted to darwine project)
  • Leopard has a new way of starting X11. Most important, $DISPLAY has to be set correctly - but on Leopard, $DISPLAY is a random value, that is not accessible from within cocoa apps. [[[NSProcessInfo processInfo] environment] objectForKey:@"DISPLAY"] will always return @"localhost", which is wrong... another bug.) A way to get the current $DISPLAY if not set by bash is export DISPLAY="$(find -f /tmp/launch-* -name :0)"