Darwine 1.0-rc1

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So here it comes, wine rc1!


For Tiger and Leopard

Some words about rc1:
Jeremy White on wine-devel about rc1:

We had a big push by people to get features in prior to the freeze, so a lot of new features went in right before the freeze. Now we have to shake out the regressions and fix them.
That process is a PITA, and usually takes a few weeks.

So what to do if the app does not work anymore? From wineqh:

This is the first release candidate for Wine 1.0. Please give it a
good testing to help us make 1.0 as good as possible. In particular
please help us look for apps that used to work, but don't now. See
http://wiki.winehq.org/PlatinumRegressionHunt for details.

People say that 0.9.58 is the most stable atm!

About my builds:
My builds are not vanilla Darwine. I added a X11 startupscript and dynamically link against freetype lib, which I store inside the wine.bundle. This way, I don't have to install libs and symlinks directly on to your system. Read: if you remove the Darwine folder, they are gone, too.

Other files you want to delete, if you decide to remove wine completely:

About OpenGL:
It's not working on OS X. Sorry. It's because of a bug in Apples X11 (which is still present in XQuartz 2.2.1), not wine.

Includes TRiX 0.9.3, which is a OS X frontend to Dan Kegels winetricks, to install some essential fonts, libraries or runtimes.

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