Darwine 1.0-rc2

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For Tiger and Leopard

Some words about rc2:
Loads of bugs where fixed in rc2... so I thought I could play a little and add some more libraries to the package: xml, xslt, fontconfig, jpeg, png and OpenGL. Please test and feedback. Png and jpeg will help with missing icons and images, fontconfig will provide usable replacement fonts out of the box. I need xml for some of my tools ;). Don't get overexcited over OpenGL, it still segfaults and is compiled in only for testing reasons - if you must try: use the latest xquarz (I don't know what changes are included with OS X 10.5.3).

Includes TRiX 0.9.3, which is a OS X frontend to Dan Kegels winetricks, to install some essential fonts, libraries or runtimes.

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Happy testing!