iPhone rpnCalculator 0.2.4 [update]

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So... weekend of coding started. Or rather weekend of creating certificates and provisioning profiles.

After some mails, I decided to prolonged my iPhone Dev Program in the hope of finally publishing the calculator. As we have iPhone OS 3.1 now and I had to quench some smaller bugs, there is a final adhoc beta program during next week.

People who have submitted their iPhone/iPod UDID to me earlier can dig right in. Other willing to participate have to mail me their UDID. I'll have to add it to the provisioning profile, recompile and redistribute the app. I'll do this one time tomorrow and one time sunday night.

rpnCalculator 0.2.4
Once downloaded, unzip - then drag rpnCalculator.mobileprovision and rpnCalculator.app onto your iTunes. Sync.


PS. how to get the UDID?

- click on "Serial Number", it will change to "Identifier"
- copy the "Idenifier" by pressing cmd-c or selecting Edit->Copy from the iTunes menu
- paste it to a mail to mikesmassivemess(/)kronenberg(/)org

This release just adds UDIDs that I received until 20091005 2100CET.
rpnCalculator 0.2.5