Separate “WineStatus” from WineBottler?

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There are some questions that bother me right now.
Mainly - should I separate the statusbar item from WineBottler and put it into a separate app (maybe include it in the wine binary)?

This way, the WineBottler would act as a normal app, that you specifically call to create/configure wineprefixes. Predefined apps and custom-app-creation would be found here. You can alt-tab to it, windows are at expected level (not floating, like now), etc....

While the WineStatus app would help with tasks closer related to the currently running wine instance(s), like start cfg/filemgr/winetricks or force-quit a task. I think the current prefix manager would be situated in this one, as it mainly helps to choose, in which prefix the tool should be executed.

Other things to consider:

I want a clean Wine.bundle (maybe
Now I have a startup-script that replaces the wine executable to handle with OS X custom behavior. Instead I'd like to have a cocoawine binary alongside the genuine wine binary that handles OS X bundle/Statusbar related things, like auto-starting with exes, bats, lnks and msis. The clean and separate Wine.bundle is important to get help from the mother-project, as altered binaries may introduce inconsistent behavior, that will render proper bug-hunting impossible, i.e. no-go.

2 separate bundles, 2 separate downloads, 2 separate updates?
I might offer a separate Wine.bundle/app download and a download. This way, I can update the two independently. But what about the initial install? I think users can handle to install two apps separately, as it was with the ies4osx/darwine combo.

Any thoughts?