Wine 1.1.29

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If you want a stable release, please stay with 1.0.1//

For Intel Macs with Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard.
Comes with all needed libraries, bins and WineBottler.

This is a test for my new Wine building environment/setup.

  • The package is called Wine now (instead of Darwine).
  • All Wine licenses are changed to lgpl.
  • No custom patches, except the 100% CPU bugfix.
  • Loads of dependencies where updated.
  • Added WineBottler as default alternative for WineHelper (WineHelper still ships with this version).

Small updates for WineBottler.

  • WineBottleStarter now supports custom apps which contain a wine.bundle (for fully self-contained windows apps).
  • updated ie7 template
  • added ie8 template (not working yet)

/me waves big red ALPHA-flag, stay away, if You don't know what you're doing 😀