Wine & WineBottler [link fixed]

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here we go with the results of the (slightly prolonged) weekend of coding :). But because of the split of Wine and WineBottler I had to generate some more code. I hope by creating a clean lean Wine bundle, people that use that bundle will get support from again (for the records: this is a vanilla build of wine, just a separate starter app, to handle OS X stuff and updates).
I have to apologize, the new tutorial did not make it yet. Glen, you are most welcome to help with the documentation or help files 😀

Get your copy at

What is new in Wine?

  • Sparkle update ( will update itself for future releases)

What is fixed in Wine

  • loads of library links
  • "Taskmanager"

What is new in WineBottler

  • new looks
  • you can create selfcontained apps (apps that have Wine directly integrated, for distribution)
  • custom prefixes do support localized "Program Files"
  • automatically convert the windows icon for your app
  • statusmessage after creating a prefix (good, aborted, error)
  • search for prefix, predefined and winetricks

What is fixed in WineBottler

  • Sparkle Signature
  • Show Wine Log
  • better working exit codes
  • normal window level
  • ie6 template updated to include flash
  • ie7 template updated to include flash

Again - this is alpha 😀

No update to Wine 1.1.30 as it was not working properly for me.