WineBottler & Wine 1.1.31 [.2]

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Things are moving and they're looking more stable now. I'm still not entirely happy with the building process, but things should run. It's a vanilla build from the sources from with no patches.
WineBottler has received some updates, too. Thank You very much for all the constructive feedback. More is in the Pipepline.

I've set up svn and trac for WineButtler now. This is only for WineBottler and the launching program (WineStatus) used in the package. For everything related to Wine itself, please refer to the winehq. So if you find bugs or have proposals for enhancements, just register and submit a ticket.

We're coming along, but again I hiss the red alpha flag.
Enjoy & keep the feedback flowing

Changed faulty script from
Ahhh, yes.... if you install ie7... DON'T install the update, when asked.