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WineBottler Just bumping Wine to 1.7.35

Pushing to 1.7.35.
Wine changelog:

As noted several times, WineBottler is standing on the shoulders of giants. Wine being one of them. Wine itself is supported by Software Freedom Conservancy, which is now launching an official supporter program:

Subject: Conservancy projects: help us launch the Official Conservancy 
Supporter program! 
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 17:17:47 -0500 
From: Tony Sebro 

Hi, all: 

We at Conservancy are committed to doing whatever we can to support our 
member projects, and to help you produce great, freely-licensed software 
for the public's benefit. At this time, we could use the support of 
you, our member projects, as well. 

Today, Conservancy launched the official Conservancy Supporter program 
( This is our first campaign to 
build awareness about Conservancy, and our first attempt to really 
engage the public in a fundraising campaign. While we're glad to help 
you organize project-specific revenue-generating activities (e.g., 
project fundraisers, conferences, etc.), we've kept the percentage of 
revenue we receive from member projects under our FSA so low that it 
doesn't even pay for a single Conservancy staff member. So, we need our 
member projects' help to get the word out about who we are, what we do, 
and how friends of free and open source software can become Conservancy 

Conservancy Supporters will receive: 
- an "Official Conservancy Supporter" badge for display on their 
personal websites; 
- a printable "Official Conservancy Supporter" card; and 
- a snazzy Conservancy T-Shirt. 
Ways__you can help spread the word_: 

- Follow @Conservancy on Twitter and/or 
- Tweet/Dent/Microblog about the Conservancy Supporter program on your 
social media platform of choice, with a link to the campaign page 
(please use the #ConservancySupporter hashtag) 
- If your project has an official social media account, please use that 
to microblog as well 
- Send email blasts to your project's mailing lists 
- Write a blog post or a testimonial about Conservancy (we'd really 
appreciate it) 

We thank you in advance for your support -- especially during this 
giving time of the year! 

Best, -Tony 

By the Way:
You can find news on WineBottler now on weibo and vk, too!

riotRunning Orbiter running on WineBottler on OS X Yosemite.

As usual: head over to and grab your copy 🙂 .