Cryptographic Update for WineBottler

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Cryptographic Needs 🙂

Thank you very much for all your feedback for WineBottler 4.0.1 ! It shows us, that the need for better support of wines cryptographic functions is in high demand. And yes, I really try to read most of your feedback. But I'm very sorry, that I can answer only a small fraction of your messages, especially if it comes to debug individual problems, as that consumes a considerable amount of time.

ntlm_auth and gnuTLS

The size of the is growing rapidly. Because of that I'm not to happy about adding new libs. But with the very justified enforcement of encrypted connection on all channels I've added sambas ntlm_auth and gnuTLS to support more cryptographic functions. This way browsers and Game Clients 🙂 can connect properly. And (once again) you shouldn't see the dreaded:

err:winediag:SECUR32_initNTLMSP ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated. Make sure that ntlm_auth >= 3.0.25 is in your path. Usually, you can find it in the winbind package of your distribution.

WineBottler running Steam
WineBottler running Steam


As noticed by several people, my Apple Developer ID Certificates did expired lately, so that Gatekeeper made you do the Unidentified-Developer-Dance and open WineBottler via maxOSs Security & Privacy settings. WineBottler is now properly signed with my new certificates, but the dancing will continue with the older downloads until they are re-signed. New fun looms with Apples Notarization requirements.

Other Changes

At the moment, our main focus is to improve the overall stability of the package. This is why this build of is still based on Wine 4.0.1. There might be some more 4.0.1 iterations before we move on to more current builds of WineHQ.

  • made included libs and binaries fully relocatable
  • support for 64 bit prefixes in
  • support Darkmode on macOS Mojave in WineBottler and
  • fix search for existing WineBottler apps and Wine prefixes
  • removed obsolete code and env variables for X11

Look out for the new builds at


WineBottler | 1.8-rc4

Yep... Wine is turning final to a new stable!

... and so is WineBottler.
After the dust of the major changes in WineBottler 1.7.52 have settled, this one comes only with minor fixes and improvements.
The most important might be the rebinding of the CMD-key. As 80% have voted on having the CMD-key doing the work of the CTRL-key, this feature is on by default, now.
A big thank you flies out to Tobias B. on directing my head to it :).

Looking at a fracture in MERLIN PACS Viewer on WineBottler on OS X El Capitan.

Looking at a fracture in MERLIN PACS Viewer on WineBottler on OS X El Capitan.

As usual: head over to and grab your copy 🙂 .


... no, it's not my shoulder. Txs for asking.

WineBottler | 1.7.52

WineBottler 1.7.52 is a major update which sports some thrilling new features.

Runs on OS X El Capitan

Probably the most important feature is the update to run on OS X El Capitan. In Apples proven one-two-combination, after the visual fixes in OS X Yosemite, we could expect a major cleanup in OS X El Capitan. Apple did this with security on its mind, so the proverb “There is the Easy Way and Then There is the Right Way” smacked the lazy dev in the face, once again.

First, Apple got rid of LD_LIBRARY_PATH and DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH. Forcing us to “otool -L” and “install_name_tool -change” thru all the bins and libs of Wine to use proper @rpath relative paths for all Wine related libraries. The result is, of course, a correct linking through out the app - thank you Apple. I guess somebody has to kick you once a while to come up with proper solutions.

Then Apple implemented App Transport Security which forces us to use secure connections for interactions between Apps and web services – or to disable it. For now it is disabled in WineBottler, but I’m working hard on offering SSL connections to get this right. After all it is all about security and privacy.

Further there where some GUI/multithreading glitches (Toolbar and FilePicker dialog) that lead to crashes on El Capitan and the new Codesigning requirements that have been sorted out.

Saves up to 92% harddrive-space

Yep, this one sounds to good to be true… right? 🙂 But here we go:
A clean Wine prefix weights in about 35mb. But Wine requires big add ons like gecko (for Webservices, 50mb) and mono (for .net Apps, 200mb) by default. They might not be needed by your app, but blow up an empty prefix up to 300mb. These two add ons can now be excluded: down 84%.

Further we added an option, to remove the “c:\users” directory when shipping an app. Wine will automatically add new users, when the app is run on a clients Mac.
Then you can automatically remove installer files (.msi) from your prefix before shipping – if they are no longer needed.

Lastly, we have optimized how WineBottler runs your prefixes. To this point, WineBottler will copy a prefix from the App to the folder ~/Application Support. This approach allows us to install Apps to restricted System folders, or Codesign them, without breaking the signature or having to give read and write access to the app, since the App works in the users Applications Support folder. We stick to that design, but we no longer copy, but link the files to ~/Application Support. Changes files will break the link and replace it with the new file. Unchanged files will only take up some bites, instead of a complete copy, saving nearly 50% of disk-space. THIS FEATURE IS STILL VERY NEW AND IN TESTING! So I’m more than happy to hear from you.

New Wine and mono version

Finally we included the current latest and greatest Wine: Wine changelog.

Thank you very much!

For your ongoing interest and support for this project. All dough I can’t answer all the mails, I’m always interested in feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much.

MusicBee Dabu Fantastic

Listening to Dabu Fantastic playing on MusicBee 2.5 on WineBottler on OS X El Capitan.

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WineBottler | 1.7.37

WineBottler Fixed OpenGL and X11 fallback

This update comes with

  • fix for the X11 fallback (missing dylib).
  • fix for code signing on OS X 10.10 – that should allow you to install WineBottler without lowering your security-settings.

And it is pushing to 1.7.37.
Wine changelog:

There will be an update to the stable branch of WineBottler and, based on Wine 1.6.2 and all the new WineBottler features that appeard since WineBottler 1.6.1 came out.

That said, I will land some major changes to the unstable branch starting next week 🙂 .


Running Notepad++ 6.7.3 on WineBottler on OS X Yosemite.

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WineBottler | 1.7.35

WineBottler Just bumping Wine to 1.7.35

Pushing to 1.7.35.
Wine changelog:

As noted several times, WineBottler is standing on the shoulders of giants. Wine being one of them. Wine itself is supported by Software Freedom Conservancy, which is now launching an official supporter program:

Subject: Conservancy projects: help us launch the Official Conservancy 
Supporter program! 
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 17:17:47 -0500 
From: Tony Sebro 

Hi, all: 

We at Conservancy are committed to doing whatever we can to support our 
member projects, and to help you produce great, freely-licensed software 
for the public's benefit. At this time, we could use the support of 
you, our member projects, as well. 

Today, Conservancy launched the official Conservancy Supporter program 
( This is our first campaign to 
build awareness about Conservancy, and our first attempt to really 
engage the public in a fundraising campaign. While we're glad to help 
you organize project-specific revenue-generating activities (e.g., 
project fundraisers, conferences, etc.), we've kept the percentage of 
revenue we receive from member projects under our FSA so low that it 
doesn't even pay for a single Conservancy staff member. So, we need our 
member projects' help to get the word out about who we are, what we do, 
and how friends of free and open source software can become Conservancy 

Conservancy Supporters will receive: 
- an "Official Conservancy Supporter" badge for display on their 
personal websites; 
- a printable "Official Conservancy Supporter" card; and 
- a snazzy Conservancy T-Shirt. 
Ways__you can help spread the word_: 

- Follow @Conservancy on Twitter and/or 
- Tweet/Dent/Microblog about the Conservancy Supporter program on your 
social media platform of choice, with a link to the campaign page 
(please use the #ConservancySupporter hashtag) 
- If your project has an official social media account, please use that 
to microblog as well 
- Send email blasts to your project's mailing lists 
- Write a blog post or a testimonial about Conservancy (we'd really 
appreciate it) 

We thank you in advance for your support -- especially during this 
giving time of the year! 

Best, -Tony 

By the Way:
You can find news on WineBottler now on weibo and vk, too!

riotRunning Orbiter running on WineBottler on OS X Yosemite.

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