WineBottler | 1.7.37

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WineBottler Fixed OpenGL and X11 fallback

This update comes with

  • fix for the X11 fallback (missing dylib).
  • fix for code signing on OS X 10.10 – that should allow you to install WineBottler without lowering your security-settings.

And it is pushing to 1.7.37.
Wine changelog:

There will be an update to the stable branch of WineBottler and, based on Wine 1.6.2 and all the new WineBottler features that appeard since WineBottler 1.6.1 came out.

That said, I will land some major changes to the unstable branch starting next week 🙂 .


Running Notepad++ 6.7.3 on WineBottler on OS X Yosemite.

As usual: head over to and grab your copy 🙂 .



WineBottler | 1.5.30, now with Codesigning support

WineBottlerOne of the features I needed lately was the ability to codesign my WineBottler apps. It is a requirement to pass OS X's Gatekeeper in default settings – not all users are able or/and comfortable with lowering their security settings, which is absolutely OK in these days.
All you have to do to codesign your Apps generated by WineBottler, is to enter your Apple Developer ID (you find your Developer ID in Keychain's "My Certificates" – look out for "Mac Developer: YOUR NAME (XXXXXXX)". Now enter "Mac Developer: YOUR NAME (XXXXXXX)" in the corresponding field of WineBottler's advanced tab, and it will digitally sign your app as a final step. Done.

Documentation & Tech Specs
I finally got around to write down a very short and preliminary Documentation for WineBottler: It explains all the advanced settings in short words. The Tech Specs contain some notes about how a WineBottler App-bundle is structured and how my builds of are made, as well as all the included dependencies.

WineBottler - Advanced

As usually, you can download the new WineBottler over at