WineBottler | 1.6.1 & 1.7.8

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WineBottlerYes Sir! A new stable AND new 1.7.* development builds 🙂 .

My thanks fly out to Aaron, Adam, Alberto, E, Oliver, Thamas and Vanessa for wading together with me thru tight loops of testing and bug fixing.
Adding Mavericks to the list of supported Operating Systems, while maintaining compatibility down to Snow Leopard, gave us quite a headache :). Although I still can't answer all mails, your feedback really drives the development, as I can't test on all possible configurations of OSs and Macs.

Some of the highlights:

  • dylib errors for the linked KBAction.framework: Application would not start on OS X 10.6.8.
  • dylib errors for icotool: No Icons and no entry in the "On my Mac" list.
  • more code signing: WineBottler can't be opened because it's from an unidentified Developer. No more Identity crisis :).

We are making some progress on the FAQ as well, you can find a work in progress here:
FAQs. Please note that everything else on the subfolder "/wp" is out of date, as this is mainly a testing site. If you got more questions, that need answering, I'm happy to add them to the FAQ section.

Another item that constantly needs updating is the "Automated Installations" section. One needs to understand, that the programs you can download and install are in constant flux. One of the security measures Winetricks put in place to make sure all downloads are correct, is to check them by checksum. Every time a download changes, these checksums have to be updated. This is why you might run into a failed installation and when you look at the Error log, that opens, you find a checksum-error way down in the log. Please give me a heads-up, if this happens, and I try to follow up with an updated checksum as fast as I can.

So just send me a tweet @k3erg or mail me at if you have some input.

And here is a big "Thank You!" to the unfortunately anonymous Bitcoin sponsors. I usually try to thank personally - so if you're in for a chat, just drop me a line :).

If you're curious whats going to be next in WB – We got a mural now: of WineBottler

Last, a word about ads.
As some might have noticed, I was heavily testing ads to support some of the development ;). This is going to cool down in december/january as soon as I have time to analyze the results and see, what fits in best. As ads are content and user specific, I do not see, what ads you get. But I got word, that some ads agencies now optimized their inventory for this site, by displaying all kind of fake download buttons, which try to trick you into downloading dubious downloaders and exes. No names, but this looks to be one of the worlds largest agency, too. These "optimizations" really drive Ads as a way to support efforts to uselessness.
We are in good company: GIMP Windows Installers move from SourceForge to
For now I just urge you to download WineBottler from the main site, just use one of the two GRAY buttons, reading: "WineBottler 1.X Free Download for Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion" right beside the big Icon on the top of the page - a fullscreen ad from will show... wait for 5 secs and click "Skip Ad". The download will start automatically. Please bear with us, until we got that sorted out.

Now head over to and grab your new build of WineBottler.