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As mentioned below, I'm not going to provide kind of two unstable binaries of wine :). For now, I'll push the WineBottler path... it includes the same Wine as Darwine did.

So whats new? (just the biggest)

  • partial Tiger support (need feedback on this)
  • drag'n'drop support to drop files onto bottles
  • new controlcenter for prefixes, predefined, custom and preferences
  • custom bottles can be built from templates (i.e. any other prefix)
  • see all wine processes that are currently alive
  • gorgeous icons from Andy, txs!

Still unstable, sharking and testing for leaks now.

PS. SVN and TRAC are ready... sources and ticketing will follow soon.

PSS. Just forget one other major feature: a GUI for winetricks. It always works with the current winetricks and can be applied to any prefix. The option to create custom prefixes makes use of it, too.