Le roi est mort …

May 29th, 2009 by

As some might have read on Wine-Devel, Darwine is dead for good :). The OS X port of Wine formerly known as Darwine is now Wine.

What does this change? There will be no more “Darwine” packages from me.
It would be a simple thing to rename the package to “Wine”. But there are more things to consider. Winehelper, the starter App from Darwine is really dead, this is why I’m developping a new one called WineBottler.

For simpleness sake, I’d love to call the new package Wine, but it does not give justice to the fact, that it’s a none Wineproject wrapper around the Wine package. Nor gives it justice to the other wine derivates like crossover or bordeaux.

So the next “Wine” Release from me will be inside “WineBottler”. Maybe if we can make WineBotter really good, it could be accepted as part of Wine like the old winehelper, which would do away with the troubles of having another name for the same ;).

Mainly because of Macish simplicity I’d love to only have one Package which can be autoupdated. Distributing the bottler alongside a wine bundle like now could be another solution.

Like to hear your thoughts about it. Going to consult the list, too.

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  1. It sounds good, but I can see that some people will prefer the older method of builds to continue, at least until this is rock solid.
    I’m thinking of posting some builds myself, but I need a bit more time, as I am packed with upcoming exams…

    Comment by pinchies — May 29, 2009 @ 15:56

  2. Me too, but it’s a nogo if I want any support from wine-devel.
    And with the winehelper replacement, it’s of no use to change paths from Darwine to Wine, just to change it again in some weeks time. Maybe it’s going to be a Wine folder that consists of the wine.bundle and the replacement. But “Darwine” is gone . Whatever we do, it’s got to be well thought thru.

    Comment by mike — May 29, 2009 @ 16:02

  3. Mike:
    Word of warning. If you want your project accepted by AJ, you have to use ‘just plain c’ Luckily, there is a ‘c’ version of the Cocoa interface. I don’t know where its at, but if you search wine-devel, it’s there.

    Comment by James M., Tuscon, Arizona — June 2, 2009 @ 02:51

  4. Hi James,

    Yes I know. I had the same discussion on qemu and other OS projects I participated. Thing is, OS X is not c but obj-c. I might bow to implement the UI in obj-c instead in nib. But I don’t see the sense in it at all.
    In other days, devs argued by saying nibs and other binary files are not suitable for cvs/snv/git. I, too, don’t like binaries in my svn. But todays nibs are plain xml, so no trouble with that.
    But I know that I’d bite on solid rock with wine-dev.
    It’s not written anywhere, but I get the impression that raw wine is just developed as a base (library so to speak) and all UI is implemented by other projects (like cross-over, ubuntu, bordeaux or winehelper on OS X).

    To keep it that way, all checkins are limited to pure c (which is great for library stuff and de facto a no-go for comprehensive UIs).

    I’m fine with that, as it really makes sense to leave UI stuff outside the lib, especially with so many platforms supported.

    I’ll host “WineBottler ” (still codename) sources separately as was it done with winehelper.

    I’ll build wine and add WineBottler as a separate starter/controller app to the bundle like it is with winebottler.

    By accepted I just mean, being a “Friend of Wine”, so to speak for wine-devel savvies 😉


    Comment by mike — June 2, 2009 @ 11:41

  5. You should call it Cork! 🙂

    Comment by BC Collins — July 1, 2009 @ 16:23