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As some might have read on Wine-Devel, Darwine is dead for good :). The OS X port of Wine formerly known as Darwine is now Wine.

What does this change? There will be no more "Darwine" packages from me.
It would be a simple thing to rename the package to "Wine". But there are more things to consider. Winehelper, the starter App from Darwine is really dead, this is why I'm developping a new one called WineBottler.

For simpleness sake, I'd love to call the new package Wine, but it does not give justice to the fact, that it's a none Wineproject wrapper around the Wine package. Nor gives it justice to the other wine derivates like crossover or bordeaux.

So the next "Wine" Release from me will be inside "WineBottler". Maybe if we can make WineBotter really good, it could be accepted as part of Wine like the old winehelper, which would do away with the troubles of having another name for the same ;).

Mainly because of Macish simplicity I'd love to only have one Package which can be autoupdated. Distributing the bottler alongside a wine bundle like now could be another solution.

Like to hear your thoughts about it. Going to consult the list, too.