Winehelper Replacement: New Bottlelauncher

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I've replaced the startup script of the Bottler with a cocoa app. This way I have more control over the wrapped app. Right now it supports the following things:

  • Drag'n'Drop of file(s) on the Bottle
  • the prefix of the bottle is copied to "~/Application Support/wine/prefixes" the first time it is run. This way we don't get into troubles with writing privileges in "/Applications". The prefixes can easily deleted from the prefix manager.
  • the Bottle stays in the Dock once launched (allows selecting of the app)
  • fast App switching to the Bottle (cmd-tab)
  • fast App switching & termination of the Bottle (cmd-tab, cmd-q)

Lots of small improvements to the app like

  • predefined apps sit in a .plist now, that could be maintained and hosted on the internet for rapid updates (again a shout for the appdb to offer an interface for wine front-ends)
  • new Bottler window (we're still not there, but better 🙂 )
  • Sparkle works from this version on (i.e. autoupdate of wine) you can manually see the rss entries of the sparkle appcast here: //

My mind is on:

  • Status menu: Better support to display and terminate all exe's running (ps aux | grep .exe)
  • replace the overlay displayed while prefix creation with the "action window" from the bottler
  • finer grained feedback in the "action window"
  • visual feedback when bottles are started to assure people that something is happening
  • is there .otf font support in wine?

Long talk, here is the file:, and again, this is deepest dev work:

  • it has loads of errors
  • hide all previous, and
  • bottles created with earyer versions are probably not going to work with this.


If You really need "Internet Explorer 7.0" You could give this build a try. "Internet Explorer 6.0" is not working atm.