Wine 1.2

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So, Wine 1.2 is out now... faster than I thought.

It really became a lot more stable, but there are some new issues as well. Some noticed the black or garbage background of some icons and images. These are related to Apples X11. Upgrading XQuartz would be one possibility. For now I reverted the patch, that caused that behavior, until Apple updates it's X11.

Further refined the "theme" of MatthiasF, (it's applied by default). It was to dark, so a opted for the OS X unified look, by just darkening the Menubar. Menues ar now white and blue, and sport a bigger font... sorry, no Lucida Grande, yet.

Fixed some bugs with Winetricks.

I will further develop "1.2" to refine some things. 1.2 will remain available on Tiger (0.4% users ;)). But 1.3.x will only be for Snow Leopard users (77% users), as a Leopard build would just combines the bad from Tiger and Snow Leopard.
I have nearly finished 1.2 of WineBottler, which should work on Snow Leopard and Leopard. Please bear some more hours/days with me.

Just update your current version of wine by selecting "Preferences..." from the Wine-Glass Icon in the Statusbar, or download it manually from

Here is a list of all the libs and the changes to the libs.


Adobe is updating flash at an increased rate. This leads to a lot of sha1 mismatches, as the winetricks team is always some hours behind an update. So your installation of ie6 or steam might fail because of that. I will remove Flash from the default installation in WineBottler 1.2. You'll be able to install it with WineTricks if needed.