WineBottler 1.2 is coming along

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WineBottler 1.2 is nearly finished, and I tought I share some screenshots of it 😀

There are still to many mails, so I've tried to further simplify WineBottler:
The Bottler itself has undergone some cosmetic changes and gained advanced features for the predefined and the custom bottles. I've added a lot of descriptions and explanations. There is a new installation mode, where you can copy multiple files to a custom app.

But the main change with the bottles is the customized I'm using now. It 'hides' X11. It provides a AppMenubar with a custom Menu "Applications", which carries entry for basic Wine tools. It allows to cmd-tab between apps. It sports a private "Working Copy" in ~/Library/Application Support/com.yourcompany.yourapp_[BOTTLEUNIQUEID]. For now, there is no "open with" and drag'n'drop support.

You see Faerie Solitaire, check it out if you are a Solitaire addict 😉 . If You feel like your app should be in the predefined section, or you need some help with creating a custom self-contained app, drop me a line.

I'm reinstalling 10.5 now, for some testing on Leopard. This release will only work on 10.5+.