WineBottler & Wine 1.1.44

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Another update, this time for both, the WineBottler and my build of wine.

You might have noticed, that my builds of wine and winetricks where badly broken in some parts after the update to > 1.1.35. Loads of things changed recently in wine. Some might know it, wine ist winding down to another stable release (1.2) and we are close to codefreeze, so everybody is trying to get their code in before gate closes. There will possibly be another 1-2 releases, after it will be bugfixing, bugfixing and bugfixing.

The other thing is winetricks. To understand winetricks - the script I'm relying on to do some of the heavy lifting - one has to know, that it always tries to achieve compatibility with the latest build of wine. This will break compatibility with older builds of wine, sooner or later. And you can't preserve a copy of winetricks, as it always updates download locations and checksums, which sometimes change very fast. This makes it kind of hard to stay with an old build of wine. More on winetricks at winehq.

In this update, I optimized the Wine environment (all the needed libraries) and changed a lot of configuration issues like the openssl.cnf file. Then I revised the bottler scripts to better handle paths with spaces, as winetricks has still some issues with some paths. There where some updates to the predefined prefixes as well... some more will follow, as they are always loaded from the internet, they get updated automatically.

Now WineBottler 1.1.44 and Wine 1.1.44 should work together again :D.

As always: a list of all the libs and the changes to the libs.