WineBottler | 1.7.25

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WineBottlerUpdate for Bottlers and First-Time user.

The focus for this and the following builds lies on adding useful debugging information/help, as well as adding more advanced features for developers that want to bottle their own exes, mainly reducing the app weight.

We did start out with fixing a lot of bugs, which caused trouble for first-time users: mainly one that could lead to an immediate prefix abort on popular automated installs like Metatrader 4 and Notepad++.
Then we further tweaked the inner workings, so that the app feels more responsive on startup.
Next we went on with adding more log-messages and more "human readable" alerts for the most common error reports we get:

  • there is no internet connection
  • a file can not be written

Finally we started adding more advanced options for the developers:

  • optionally remove mono from the prefix (this will cut down the app weight by 200mb!)
  • add a Category Type to the app
  • add a Copyright string to the app

... and of corse we included the most recent Wine:
Wine changelog:

WineBottler_1_7_25_fractal_extremeRunning Fractal eXtreme for Windows with WineBottler on OS X.

As usual: head over to and grab your copy 🙂 .