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ies4osxInternet Explorer for OS X, that is.

Helps You to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 and 6 on your mac. This tool might be helpful for all those mac artists that have to design websites for windows guys ;).

The credits on this one go to ies4linux. I have just adapted some methods to use tools that ship with OS X and included a current cabextract. Well I added a routine to download all the public available Microsoft fonts and 3 Automaters to start the explorers comfortably from the desktop.

I did not invest a lot of time on testing. It's currently working on my MB pro 10.4.10.

  1. install X11 from your OS X installation disk
  2. download Darwine 0.9.47, mount it and drag the folder 'darwine' into your 'Applications' folder
  3. download ie4osx-2.0.5, unzip it
  4. cd to the folder "ies4osx-2.0.5" (for non cmdline savvies: type "cd", drag the folder "ies4osx-2.0.5" into the terminal window, hit return)
  5. type "./" (this will download, extract and install the internet explorers you chose, aswell as the corefonts)

sorry Intel only - enjoy, Mike

Please see // for current versions.