WineBottler | & 1.6-rc5

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WineBottlerBumped to WineBottler and 1.6-rc5.

This release of WineBottler has an eye on "special" .exe names, i.E. spaces, non-alphanumeric characters and certain starting letters .Looks like we still had some trouble with escaped characters at some points, which caused some trouble with a lot of newer programs with fancy names 🙂 : This is fixed in stable and development. 1.6-rc5 was updated to Wine 1.6-rc5.

Now, we're getting closer to run the GameStop PC Download App on the Mac.

GameStop on WineBottler

Thank you for your feedback so far! And I'm still looking for

  • Installation Logfiles of failed installations (and if possible, how you solved the problem 🙂 ).
  • The most pressing questions that should go into a FAQ.
  • Suggestions for new automated Installations

Just send me a mail or tweet @k3erg, and I might even get around to answer some.

Now head over to WineBottler and get the new builds.


I get reports that running on OS X 10.9 is not working, yet (without using a custom built icotool, txs Kim). So... only do it, if you know what you are doing. I'll let you know once it's save to surf the Mavericks.