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WineBottlerFirst I'd like to shout out a loud "Thank you!" to all the supporters over the last years, especially the last month. You made me not drop the ball... and here I stand now, not with one new version of WineBottler, but with two 🙂

I happily raise the curtain for:

WineBottler 1.4.1
I showed of a very early version of it once. One of the main features is, that it hides X11 by writing a custom xinitrc for every bottled app. This way, every app has it's custom X11 environment, with icon and menu. You can cmd-tab between the apps like with every other app. Additionally, there is a tool-menu with the most important tools like filemanager, configuration and winetricks.

WineBottler 1.5.29
But somebody pushed me to adapt it to Wine 1.5.29 because of the new Mac driver. So here we are... pushing WineBottler 1.4.1 to obsoleteness in the very same post. What is the Mac driver, you ask? It's the replacement of X11 in Wine for the Mac, which is great news, as X11 is an optional install on OS X now. I did not yet add the menus I normally have in the bottled Apps, as this will force me to break the "non patched wine" policy I had for years now. But we will see, how this evolves.


Update your current version of WineBottler and by downloading the new versions from
As 1.4.1 is still the stable version, you manually have to download 1.5.29. 1.5.x have their of appcast for future updates.

I'm currently revamping the WineBottler website, please be patient with me, if something is not in its place during the next days.