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WineBottlerWineBottler is going into another round - or two - with the release of of the (still) stable tree and 1.6-rc2 of the (soon to be stable tree).

Beside the latest wine changes, they contain fixes – mainly for the nasty "" bug, which would break your App, if the name contained spaces.

I still hear, that some users have problems with missing ntlm_auth. So please keep an eye on related error messages in the log, if a build should fail. In that case, please make sure, that you have no older WineBottler and installed on your system. WineBottler is using Spotlight to look for – this means it might select an old version. Just archive or delete the old versions. If the error persists, please send me a note.

WineBottler Dwonload Window

Wine is finally in codefreeze for 1.6. So, no new features – only bugfixes – until we have a new stable release.

For the release of WineBottler 1.6, I've planned some new features – as the new Mac Driver (that replaces X11) on the one hand opens new possibilities, but on the other hand forces me to rearrange features I had in place for for a long time (like the status-bar menu).
At least, we have already achieved basic functionality with the development builds of WineBottler: You can use Wines latest and greatest – but without some of the WineBottler amenities. 1.6-rc2 is already working great for loads of Windows-based programs. But some still need extra libraries or treatment.
This is why I'm very interested in WineBottler Log-Files, at the moment. If WineBottler should fail to install your program – for whatever reason – please mail me the log. I'll have a look at it, and if time permits, I'll send you a hint.

Now head over to WineBottler and get the new builds.


WineBottler | 1.5.31

WineBottlerWineBottler 1.5.31 contains the last development build of, as the wine project is going into codefreeze to finally release another stable version. This is a very good development because the last stable version (Wine 1.4.1) is getting very dated.

With everything set up, I plan to continue to serve development builds of Wine alongside the new stable.

For WineBottler 1.5.31 we did some cleanup and bug-fixing. Especially programs, that need encryption perform better, as ntlm_auth (client mode) is working now.

As usually, you can download the new WineBottler over at


WineBottler | 1.5.29

WineBottlerFirst I'd like to shout out a loud "Thank you!" to all the supporters over the last years, especially the last month. You made me not drop the ball... and here I stand now, not with one new version of WineBottler, but with two 🙂

I happily raise the curtain for:

WineBottler 1.4.1
I showed of a very early version of it once. One of the main features is, that it hides X11 by writing a custom xinitrc for every bottled app. This way, every app has it's custom X11 environment, with icon and menu. You can cmd-tab between the apps like with every other app. Additionally, there is a tool-menu with the most important tools like filemanager, configuration and winetricks.

WineBottler 1.5.29
But somebody pushed me to adapt it to Wine 1.5.29 because of the new Mac driver. So here we are... pushing WineBottler 1.4.1 to obsoleteness in the very same post. What is the Mac driver, you ask? It's the replacement of X11 in Wine for the Mac, which is great news, as X11 is an optional install on OS X now. I did not yet add the menus I normally have in the bottled Apps, as this will force me to break the "non patched wine" policy I had for years now. But we will see, how this evolves.


Update your current version of WineBottler and by downloading the new versions from
As 1.4.1 is still the stable version, you manually have to download 1.5.29. 1.5.x have their of appcast for future updates.

I'm currently revamping the WineBottler website, please be patient with me, if something is not in its place during the next days.


ies4osx 2.5beta6_4 [updated 2]

let me thank You for all the feedback, bugreports and suggestions! I really appreciate it.
ies4osx had a little more exposure than usual during the last days. It showed that loads of people moved on to Leopard, what led to some frustration, as darwine an thus ies4osx was not working as expected.

Now with Darwine 0.9.49 Darwine 0.9.49_2 and ies4osx 2.5beta6_4 I hope I can better serve that need. Sorry, still no PPC solution (if You are interested, You should bug this guy).

Please note, both are still in very early stages for Leopard... so please tell me if it works for you. The whole setup is NOT tested on Tiger as stated in the last post.

Two request that where made more than one time:

  • use the wrapper of ies4osx to install other Windows Applications as .app packages (gives me some headaches on how to define the desired executable after installation 😉 )
  • install interesting windows components similar to Dan Kegels winetricks.


As I feared, this Darwine-x86-0.9.49 is only working on Leopard atm. Users of Tiger should use Darwine-x86-0.9.48 for now.

[Update 2]
Here is a new .49 Darwine Build, that works for me on Tiger and Leopard:

ies4osx 2.5beta6_1 [updated]

As ies4osx got a little more exposure as I'd expected, I put up a new version, that should fix some issues we discussed in the comments. Thank You very much for all the feedback!

Some fixes and added features since the last post:

  • GUI
    no more terminal
  • Freetype
    font-antialiasing included (it also comes with my latest pakage of Darwine)
  • new routines to locate Your darwine folder
  • toolbar-icons
    by andi meier (hope you sponsor a new App icon, too ;))
  • many fixes

You can grab Your copy here, or right from the new home of ies4osx over at where you find a simple howto, too.

If You should encounter any bugs, please open the log (toolbar-icon) and send the messages to


Just made a new version, that tries to find "unorthodox" Darwine installations when launching IEs. You find it over here here Txs to Thomas for pointing out.