WineBottler | How to Install Notepad++ on a Mac

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WineBottlerUse WineBottler to run Notepad++ on OS X, without installing Windows.

Just got a tweet from @codylloydwright, why WineBottler is missing an automated install of Notepad++. How very right he is, I'm using Notepad++ a lot on Windows, so why not on OS X?

I added it to the automated installs and made it my next video tutorial. (Subscribe to the new MikesMassiveMess YouTube Channel to stay up to date on other howtos.)

Installing Notepad++ on a Mac

  1. Download WineBottler 1.6.x from
  2. Copy WineBottler and to your Mac.
  3. Start WineBottler.
  4. Search for "notepad" in the "Download" Section, click "Notepad++"
  5. Give the App a name.
  6. Wait 🙂 .
  7. Done. Run Notepad++ from "On My Mac" or from wherever you have installed the App to.
  8. If Notepad++ finds some updates, just let it install them - select "Restart Notepad++" after the updates are installed. Wait for Notepad++ to apply the updates and relaunch itself.


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Wine | 1.4.1

Long time no see 🙂

This time we got two fresh Wine builds, one for Lion and Mountain-Lion, and one for Tiger, Leopard and Snowleopard. Because of ongoing development, I had to make a cut somewhere. The Lion version comes with better System support, and the bins are codesigned, so they should behave somewhat with gatekeeper. The Tiger version lacks audiosupport, because the wine project decided to move their coreaudio-support to the next level - and i don't know, if it will be possible to compile for Tiger in the future. Both version support the current winetricks.

Just update your current version of wine by selecting "Preferences..." from the Wine-Glass Icon in the Statusbar, or download it manually from
(The Tiger/Leopard-Version is only available as manual download for now).

Here is a list of all the libs and the changes to the libs.