WineBottler | How to Install Notepad++ on a Mac

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WineBottlerUse WineBottler to run Notepad++ on OS X, without installing Windows.

Just got a tweet from @codylloydwright, why WineBottler is missing an automated install of Notepad++. How very right he is, I'm using Notepad++ a lot on Windows, so why not on OS X?

I added it to the automated installs and made it my next video tutorial. (Subscribe to the new MikesMassiveMess YouTube Channel to stay up to date on other howtos.)

Installing Notepad++ on a Mac

  1. Download WineBottler 1.6.x from
  2. Copy WineBottler and to your Mac.
  3. Start WineBottler.
  4. Search for "notepad" in the "Download" Section, click "Notepad++"
  5. Give the App a name.
  6. Wait 🙂 .
  7. Done. Run Notepad++ from "On My Mac" or from wherever you have installed the App to.
  8. If Notepad++ finds some updates, just let it install them - select "Restart Notepad++" after the updates are installed. Wait for Notepad++ to apply the updates and relaunch itself.


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